Loose tea vs tea bags

April 13, 2019

Loose tea vs tea bags

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world known for its numerous benefits such as relaxing the mind or medicinal uses. In the past, people would pick out leaves process them and use them to make the fresh aromatic brew. Thanks to industrialization the way of making tea and its access have drastically changed. Now you can pick from a range of tea options from your local grocery, perhaps the most important of these choices is between loose tea leaves and tea bags.

In this article, we will discuss whether tea bags are the better choice or organic loose tea. Although tea bags are the go-to choice for today's busy customer who does not have the time to brew loose tea but does convenience really make teabags the better or more importantly the healthier choice of tea?

The main difference between tea bags and loose leaf tea is that loose leaf tea is made of whole leaves that are processed by drying to preserve the essential oils in them and ensure their longevity. Tea bags on the other are made by drying the leaves and then crushing them, the pouches are filled with what is called dust and fannings. The main issue with tea bags is that one cannot be sure what quality of leaves was used to make them.

The most effective and aromatic tea is achieved by brewing a fresh and organic blend made of unbroken leaves. Organic loose tea leaves are handpicked and processed by tea masters in such a way that they preserve most of the essential oils and nutrients in the leaves. These leaves are then brewed to produce aromatic and nutrient-rich tea which not only smells and tastes great but is also rich in nutrients and relaxants which help calm anxiety and stress.


Freshness a key property and plays a very important role in love strong the taste of the tea will turn out. Organic loose tea is usually fresh and although it is processed it retains the essential oils which keep it fresh for a longer time.

Freshness has a lot to do with the surface area of the tea leaves, in tea bags the leaves have been crushed to reduce their size however they have a greater surface area, which means the rate of evaporation is faster and they will not be able to retain the essential oils for a long time. Essential oils are what give tea its aroma and colour.

There are certain types of tea leaves that are delicate and breakdown during processing or are more prone to loss of flavour. One such tea is our Premium Pearl Dian Hong black tea, it is carefully packed in the form of compact pearls to prevent loss of flavour. The high-quality black leaves are wrapped within each other so that customers can get optimum taste and benefits from the healthy tea. 


Brewing is the process of extracting the flavour from the tea. Although tea bags are much easier to brew, putting them in hot water is the only way to use them. With organic loose tea, you can get creative and customize your blend. You can control the strength of the taste and even mix different types. There are also different brewing methods to enhance the flavour of different teas.

You can also make the desired quantity you want at the same time; loose tea leaves are much more cost effective for this. The strength of flavour can be significantly controlled because loose leaves take time to release the colour and flavour.


Loose leaf tea is available in a variety of options and tea lovers can experiment with new types of tea leaves. Every region has its own distinctive type of tea which differs from others in appearance, taste, aroma and benefits. Tea bags, on the other hand, are produced commercially and have a standard taste. They are often available in few varieties and taste particularly bland, or all flavours have the same basic taste.

Organic loose tea, however, can be bought in different varieties; you can choose your tea of choice based on any of the above-mentioned features. For tea lovers who are looking to try something unique and tasteful, the Black oolong tikuanyin tea is the perfect pick. A hybrid of green and black tea the silky smooth leaves provides the perfect blend for a fragrant and uniquely tasty brew.


As discussed above teabags don't provide the strongest flavour because they lose freshness over time. Another main reason most teabags have the same flavour is that they go through a standard process and low grade leaves with compromised quality are used to fill the bags. The tea bags are usually made of synthetic materials which may contain chemicals that alter the flavour of the tea over time.

Organic loose leaf tea is stored in various ways such as airtight containers and in the form of packets by compressing the leaves into one piece to increase surface area and retain its flavour. At OrientalBlends we pick and choose the highest quality leaves to produce our blends so that customers can experience the real flavour of the tea. Even if it is a common blend like our Organic Matcha green tea powder, the fresh leaves are grounded to create a found powered so that maximum caffeine can be obtained from a tiny amount. The healthy tea is packed with caffeine and antioxidants, the perfect choice to help kick start your day.

Healthier Alternative

Most people drink tea for the health benefits attached to them like detoxification or release of stress. Healthy tea can only be achieved if the blend retains its nutrients and essential oils. Organic loose leaf tea is comparatively healthier than tea bags because it is more natural, it goes through less processing. Teabags contain dust and fanning's mostly which lose most of their nutrients during processing.

This article was aimed at helping tea lovers make a conscious decision as to whether loose leaf tea or tea bags are the better choices for them. The points discussed above will help you make a more informed decision about what type of tea is the better option. If you are a tea lover who doesn't mind spending a few extra minutes on preparing your tea organic loose leaf tea is the best option for you.